IT Consulting

We provide IT Professional Services to local, regional and global customers and reduce their IT risk and maximize their IT performance.

Project Management

PMO certified expertise are available to lead your projects! So you can keep your promise with your customers on delivering a product on time!


What Happens When Dev and Ops Come Together? Greater Innovation, Increased Productivity, Higher Revenue

Data Backup & Storage

Managed Backup Services provide comprehensive ongoing support for your backup and recovery environment under strict SLAs, so you can focus on your core business priorities.

Application Performance Management

We manage the performance of applications throughout SDLC for your specific needs. Then we run it for you, so you can focus on building and innovating.

Product Monitoring

We monitor your infrastructure and applications 24×7 and solve problems in minutes, not Days! So you maximize your business results on your next big event!

Web Application Development

We develop and manage your storefront on our reliable and fast infrastructure, so you can focus on delighting your customers.

Quality Assurance

We’re the experts in assuring quality of applications for some of the world’s biggest brands, with a focus on performance.

Your Business Never Stops Moving.
Neither does our Professional Support.
At NYGCI, we do things differently. Why take the stairs when you can take the slide? Why make customers go it alone when you can be there to help every step of the way? That's what we call Professional Support.
Oct 23,2020 19:01:13PM
We are open for business in Philippines!

We are excited to announce that we have recently established our company in Philippines. Thank you so much to our local team to make this happen!.

Oct 23,2020 19:01:13PM
Find us on NASSCOM!

We have successfully enlisted NYGCI Pvt. Ltd. on the NASSCOM’s National Skill Registry (NSR) portal. With this facility, NYGCI India employees can report their fact sheet of Credible, Permanent and Accessible information.

Oct 23,2020 19:01:13PM
Hardware Reseller in APJ Countries!

We are delighted to announce our reseller partnership with Dell, Cisco, Nutanix to sell their industry leading computer and technology products in Singapore, Australia & USA.

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Talk to Our Consultant

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