Application Performance Monitoring

Our solution can identify bottlenecks, deep visibility into your code and quickly detect the root cause of your application performance problems.

Robotic Process Automation:

With proven expertise, NYGCI helps clients with signature RPA platforms that can integrate seamlessly with the enterprise.

SAP Application Management Services (AMS):

NYGCI has helped clients with diverse AMS needs in different environments for the steady performance of all enterprise-wide managed applications

Microsoft 365 & Office 365:

Microsoft solutions from NYGCI helps customers streamline their user computing environment by migrating to a Microsoft ecosystem using the Microsoft packages suite.

Hybrid Cloud:

Our cloud enablement is complete in two steps process and an optional 3rd step to have NYGCI manage your cloud environment.

Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS):

We assist businesses on-site or remote with Backup, recovery, resiliency, replication & restoration services.

Cyber Data Resiliency Services (CRS):

Cyber Data Resiliency solutions exist to enhance an organization by making backup copies more resilient, allowing recovery after more sophisticated attacks.

Hardware Solutions:

Everything depends on hardware because an enterprise runs on servers and workstations. We offer IT hardware solutions to modernize your business as your requirements.

Your Business Never Stops Moving.
Neither does our Professional Support.
At NYGCI, we do things differently. Why take the stairs when you can take the slide? Why make customers go it alone when you can be there to help every step of the way? That's what we call Professional Support.
May 18,2021 12:43:48PM
NYGCI embarks its footprint in Poland

We are excited to announce that we have recently established our company in Poland, and are now open for business. Thank you so much to our local team to make this happen..!

Feb 25,2021 12:43:48PM
Officially EA registered with Singapore Ministry of Manpower

NYGCI achieved another Milestone by officially getting registered as an Employment Agency Company in Singapore. NYGCI now is a part of the registered vendor for recruitment in Singapore and has got the license in accordance to the MOM (Ministry of Manpower) in recruitment. Kudos to the whole team for achieving this feat.. !!

Dec 24,2020 12:43:48PM
We are Business Partner to HP in New Zealand and USA!

We are a business partner to HP in New Zealand to offer their computing technology services to customers in New Zealand!

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