VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail

Businesses are focused on managing a broad application portfolio that includes embracing cloud-native applications as well as maintaining traditional applications. They’re looking for infrastructure systems that will provide them with more consistency and familiar tools. This will allow them to support a variety of workloads in a private cloud infrastructure that is ready for applications workload without having to be cloud, virtualization, storage or networking experts.

For many businesses, adopting a hybrid cloud can be a dompting task that involves a lot of time and resources to achieve the promise of a public cloud experience.

During day 0 task of solution installation IT teams must:

  • Manually pull together disparate pieces of hardware and software
  • Ensure compatibility
  • Perform right steps in proper order
  • Ensure prerequisite components are in place
  • In the event of task failure, start over from the beginning

Once the system has successfully been installed, IT faces Day 1 challenges of Environment configuration and resource provisioning:

  • Deploy and configure cluster for workload management domains
  • Add necessary networking and management components
  • Secure more personnel with varied skill sets to continually manage the solution

Businesses want to reduce the burden on their IT teams and are looking for a solution that tests and validates the different hybrid cloud components and automates many of the manual operational and management tasks. Having a solution that automates the integration of the different components will reduce complexity and allow IT teams to manage fewer skill sets.

After elaborating some of the challenges your customers are facing, let’s explore what VMware Cloud foundation on VxRail can do for them.

VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) on VxRail delivers consistent operations and a consistent infrastructure experience wherever customer workloads may reside; from the core to the edge to the cloud.

Whether customers are accelerating data center modernization or deploying a hybrid cloud, VCF on VxRail delivers a turnkey experience that enables organizations to continuously innovate.

That’s because the platform is built on VxRail, which is built for and with VMware to enhance VMware enabled organization’s ability to streamline operations and predictably evolve. VxRail is the only jointly engineered HCI system with deeply integrated VMware Cloud Foundation, or VCF. Together they serve as a hyperconverged platform for Dell Technologies Cloud.

The VCF on VxRail turnkey experience starts with full stack integration- control and visibility from top to bottom of both the hyperconverged infrastructure layer and VMware cloud software stack- for a consistent, deeply integrated VMware environment. At the foundation, VMware delivers highly differentiated feature and benefits with its VxRail HCI system software.

With VCF on VxRail customers experience these benefits:

  • Allows customers to maintain flexibility of networking and topology while taking the simplest path to a VMware hybrid cloud. This is accomplished through full stack integration that is future-proof for next-generation VMware cloud technologies.
  • Customers greatly reduce risk and increase IT operation efficiency with the full-stack integration. The hyperconverged infrastructure layer – VxRail – and VMware cloud software stack are lifecycle managed as one complete, automated, turnkey, on-premises, hybrid cloud experience.
  • Consistent infrastructure and consistent operations with the edge, private and native public cloud workload deployment options for a true hybrid cloud solution.

For VMware customer looking for the simplest path to hybrid cloud, VCF on VxRail delivers an experience that is not available on any other on-premises infrastructure running VMware Cloud Foundation.