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With an increased need for a simpler and more agile infrastructure, contemporary data centers are shifting their focus from legacy computing and hardware requirements to highly specific and advanced business needs that incorporate all new technologies and are able to respond to any type of disruptive changes. NYGCI (Hardware as a Service providers) , with its expensive experience in the IT and services market, is well-positioned to support customers in building modern data centers with robust capabilities and the ability to keep up with trending technologies like Big Data, desktop virtualization, cloud solutions, data analytics…

In fact, with its data center’s wide portfolio, NYGCI (Enterprise data center hardware solution provider) is able to turn the next-generation data center into reality. We analyze your needs, requirements, and your existing infrastructure to be able to provide the best of breed solution that can boost your system’s performance, employees’ efficiency and increase your revenues. We provide reliable, cost-effective, and efficient solutions that are able to fit all our client’s requirements and budgets.

Data Center Solution includes:

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Storage Arrays Services

A storage array also called a disk array, is a data storage system for block-based storage, file-based storage, or object storage. Rather than store data on a server, storage arrays use multiple drives in a collection capable of storing a huge amount of data, managed by a central management system.

Storage arrays are a critical part of storage networks, allowing the storage functions of the network to be completely separated from the LAN or WAN connecting all the devices within an organization. Disk array storage allows stored data to be accessed by multiple servers at the same time.

Enterprise Servers

An enterprise server is a computer containing programs that collectively serve the needs of an enterprise rather than a single user, department, or specialized application. Businesses of all sizes must avoid downtime at all costs. With highly compatible enterprise-class servers at the foundation of your IT infrastructure strategy, you can integrate with your cloud of choice, deploy and move workloads where you want — on-prem or in the cloud. But, most importantly, you can rest assured that business continuity remains unaffected.

Data Protection Services

The backup and recovery orchestration of data can form an obstacle most of the time for compliance with SLAs. This is why building a great data protection system in your infrastructure is becoming a necessity to meet the GDPR requirements and at the time meet your client’s SLAs. In the form of hardware, software or as-a-service, NYGCI offers you a wide range of Data protection solutions that are able to fit most of the companies’ needs.

IT Virtualization

Virtualization is a process that allows for more efficient utilization of physical computer hardware and is the foundation of cloud computing. The most important function of virtualization is the capability of running multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer or server. Virtualization enables more efficient utilization of physical computer hardware and allows a greater return on an organization’s hardware investment. Today, virtualization is a standard practice in enterprise IT architecture. 


Hyper/Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure (CI) is a form of data center management that combines legacy infrastructure components like storage arrays, servers, network switches, and virtualization onto a single SKU that makes purchasing and deployment easier and more predictable. It replaces the components of legacy infrastructure, i.e., separate servers, storage networks, and storage arrays, with one unified distributed system, creating a highly scalable datacenter. Both converged and hyper-converged infrastructure target is to eliminate the pain-points associated with legacy infrastructure and NYGCI offers different solutions in this area from top vendors in the market like Dell EMC, Cisco, Nutanix…

Software-Defined Data Center

The SDDC results from years of evolution in server virtualization. It extends virtualization from computing to storage and networking resources, and it provides a single software toolset to manage those virtualized resources. Plus, the SDDC enables policy-driven automation of provisioning and management, which speeds the delivery of resources and enhances efficiency.

Cloud Solutions

A cloud-based solution refers to on-demand services, computer networks, storage, applications, or resources accessed via the internet and through another provider’s shared cloud computing infrastructure. The benefits of cloud-based solutions to end-users and businesses include increased capacity, scalability, functionality, and reduced maintenance and cost for computer infrastructure or in-house staff.  Additionally, cloud-based solutions can enable companies to focus on revenue-driving initiatives rather than time-consuming, non-core business tasks. Cloud computer pricing models are categorized by servers in the cloud, sites/applications in the cloud, and storage in the cloud, and the majority of cloud providers tend to offer “pay-as-you-go” subscription-based models which enable companies to closely manage costs as well as scale up and down as needed.


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