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Mar 13,2018 21:10:37PM
Should Quality Assurance be Made Compulsory for Software Development?


Quality is an important part of any organization that makes it different from others and convinces the customers to buy a product from that company. Better quality is always reflected in the sales of a product or service and helps increase the repeat customers. Quality is a single unified term that is very large in its sense. It consists of some closely related basic terms like – Quality Control, Quality Management, and Quality Assurance.

There are some important aspects related to each of these components. In a more particular manner, quality assurance services try to do what is called the “building the trust”. This is very crucial as it delivers the confidence in people to reach out and avail the products or services a company has to offer. While looking almost identical in meaning and also sometimes used interchangeably, these three terms are slightly different. We need to understand each first.

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Quality Management is a much broader term than the other two and refers to the whole set of activities and practices that are used to manage and maintain the quality in an organization. This quality is not limited to the products rather spreads to the whole procedures and services delivered by the company both internally and externally. Quality Control consists of activities like quality inspection that aim to determine if the product is being developed up to the industry standards or as intended to be by the developers.

Quality Assurance be Made Compulsory?

The Quality assurance relates to how a product is made or how a process is performed. It is that part of quality which focuses on providing confidence that the quality requirements will be fulfilled. The confidence generated is dual – internally to the management and leaders and externally to the customers, certifiers, government agencies, and stakeholders. It becomes more significant for organizations where there is no tangible product to inspect or control; mostly applicable to the software development companies and Quality Assurance Services provider.

Software quality assurance is the method of guaranteeing the standard of software that it meets the specified quality measures. Software Quality Assurance is enforced in various sorts of software models. It is used to test the software, instead of checking the standard only when the software is completely ready. SQA processes check for quality in every section of development till the software is complete. With this, the software development moves on to the consequent level if this part of the software is compiled with needed quality standards.

The question, “Should quality assurance be made compulsory to software development?” mustn’t be asked like this. It would be more appropriate to ask “Should quality assurance be made subjective to software development?”. This is because it is a common misconception that quality assurance is a phase or level in the development process, in fact, it is implemented in such a way at many organizations. It is important to understand that QA is not the final step in the development process rather it is an essential step in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Each and every phase of development should consist of QA to make sure there are no software bugs. It needs to be an integral part of the development process as a regular element.

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