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Mar 13,2018 14:24:48PM
Need of Cloud Consulting Services for a Growing Organization


For the past few years, one thing that has been constantly ringing in our ears is Cloud Computing. The Internet has been around for a few decades but with the emergence of cloud technologies, there has been a drastic improvement in the use of internet applications and procedures. The whole paradigm has shifted from “connect through the internet” to “work on the internet”. Cloud has enabled several companies and end users to easily use the services on-the-go and save time and money. Before speculating on why we need Cloud Consulting Services, it is important to look what are the advantages of using cloud computing technologies.

There are Several Benefits of Using Cloud Technology.

Some of them particularly focusing on the need for growing organizations are as follows:

Increased Mobility and Collaboration

This is one of the most vital reason and probably the thought behind developing cloud technology. Data and applications are accessible to workers despite where they’re in the world. Employees will take their work anyplace via smartphones, tablets or computers as well. Cloud applications improve collaboration by permitting distributed teams of individuals to fulfill virtually and easily share data in real time and via shared storage. This capability will cut back time-to-market and improve product development and client service.

Reduction of Company’s IT Infrastructure

Cloud computing provides a way to significantly reduce the size of company’s own IT infrastructure or sometimes completely replacing the data center with cloud. This is much more beneficial to large organizations who have been using their own physical storage and other equipment. With the help of NYGCI’s best cloud services, this could be easily managed for an organization of any size.


With the cloud, firms don’t have to purchase instrumentation and build out and operate an information center, they don’t need to pay substantial money for hardware, utilities, facilities, and alternative aspects of operations. With conventional computing, an organization may have to pay an enormous portion before it gets any worth from its investment in the data center.

Flexible Capacity

The requirements for the company can easily be upgraded and degraded at any point according to the current needs. This can conveniently be done from the cloud service provider’s end without losing your sales and quickly degrading it when the need is over to reduce the costs.

Easily set up or Merge Data Center

For growing or merging organizations, establishing or unifying the data center is a hectic task which involves a lot of complications. Cloud removes all of them by providing an easy and quick way to setup or merges the IT stack of the organization without much hassle.

Now, where does cloud consulting services come in this? They will help you to understand the need of cloud computing for the particular case of your organization. They can facilitate you in shifting from the conventional or proprietary IT infrastructure to cloud, enabling sharing of resources and reducing the operational costs. Connect with NYGCI to get the best assistance in all sorts of IT services including Delivery Management Services, Data Backup Services and much more. There are several requirements and challenges related to the IT department; we will help you in dealing with them comfortably.