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Sep 27,2018 14:24:02PM
Is Your Data Truly Secure Over The Cloud?

Cloud Computing has grown a lot in the past years that you cannot call it a mere “technical buzzword” but a real entity independent in its own sense. Industries of every scale are now using some of the best cloud services in several applications in the organization. Not only have they simplified several of their internal operations but also their expenses reduced and their profits soar.

But with the heavy use of something too fantastic, there come some hiccups that might prevent you from going all in for it. Everything is not perfect; there are some pros and cons to each. Same is with cloud. The most recurring point which comes up, and everyone points fingers at, is the security of cloud data storage and other related services. This is the only issue that is somewhat seen as a disadvantage of Cloud-based services. It is not that the security in cloud is poor or substandard. Even newer and stronger policies are being implemented in cloud at all levels making it more secure than ever. But still, the sense of insecurity for keeping our data comes into our minds.

Is Cloud Safe Or Not: Finding The Reality

Safety and security have always been an issue for anything associated with storage and application usage over the internet. While many find Cloud to be a totally safe game to play, some say that they would never depend on cloud for their data storage or application usage. What is the actual situation? Should a business go with cloud and why is it so popular now? We will find out now.

Why Are Individuals Worried About Cloud Security?

It’s almost out of your hands. You aren’t sparing to a hard drive at your home. You are sending your information to another organization, which could be storing your information probably in another corner of the Earth, so protecting that data is currently dependent on them. Regardless of whether the information is being sent consequently (think applications that adjust to the cloud) or driven by users uploading their images and other media on the internet (mostly social media) to share their lives, the final product is that it’s all there someplace being logged and put away in a physical server. And that too is not in your immediate control.

Hazards Associated With Cloud Storage

Cloud security is tight, however, it’s not faultless. Cybercriminals can get into those records, regardless of a good security by hacking emails or bypassing passwords. That is the thing that occurred in The Great iCloud Hack of 2014, where a lot of personal and even controversial data got leaked.

Be that as it may, the greater hazard with cloud storage is security. Regardless of whether the information isn’t stolen or distributed, it can, in any case, be seen. Governments can lawfully ask for data put away in the cloud, and it’s up to the cloud administrations supplier to accept or deny and ask for help from the law. A huge number of solicitations for client information are sent to tech giants and other organizations every year by government offices. An extensive level of the time, these organizations hand over, in any event, some sort of information, regardless of whether it’s not the substance in full.

A few people contend that they don’t have anything to shroud, that they’re not doing anything incorrectly, and couldn’t mind less if their private data is gotten to, particularly on the off chance that it helps to find enemies of their nation and peace. While there is most likely that prepared access to information is a priceless resource for intelligence and security agencies, it is extremely vital to recall that every individual has an essential right to privacy.

We are talking all this in terms of an individual. If we consider a business organization, the security becomes much more important as it involves storing data of and serving for a company which has a lot of sensitive information that may prove to be harmful if fallen into the hands of competitors or some other person that may exploit that information in a hazardous way. Thus if you are switching to cloud, you should hire a cloud migration service that provides protection against faults and promises maximum uptime for your data or services so that your work, as well as your users, don’t get compromised.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

On the other side, the information you put in the cloud is significantly more secure than it is without any hard drive. Cloud servers are housed in distribution centers offsite and far from most representatives, and they are intensely protected. Moreover, the information in those servers is scrambled, which makes hacking it a difficult, if not perfectly foolproof, a task for crooks. While a malware contamination on your home PC could uncover the majority of your own information to cyberhackers, and even leave your documents defenseless against ransomware dangers. Actually, sometimes it is better to back up your very important data over the cloud.

Another advantage of putting away information on the cloud is a simple process, easy access and cost-effectiveness. You can store huge amounts of information at very low prices, sometimes for free even, utilizing the cloud. Measure that against the number of hard drives and USBs you’d need to buy, and the trouble getting to information once you’ve put away to numerous different devices. Thus you can perceive the reasons why cloud has turned into a prevalent choice for organizations and customers alike.


In the end, I would only say that both the cloud technology and the usage have proliferated in the past few years. Security is the major issue for any new business or consumer gadget or technology is developed. So it can never be ignored. The security of cloud services and storage are being made better every day. This brings up more opportunities for people who have been skeptical about investing important business processes with the help of cloud.

Multi-level authentication and encryption are other ways of maintaining strong security. Other than that, it is better if you put your data on different servers and locations. By decentralizing it, you reduce the risk of a complete shutdown in case of something bad happens.

With the need for an enterprise level of data storage and other cloud services, you need someone who has been providing such services to organizations and not just individual users. NYGCI has been giving cloud migration services to companies of every scale. With NYGCI, you can be assured of getting the best data protection services for your enterprise.