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Mar 27,2018 11:08:45AM
How Application Performance Management Can Increase The Reach of Your Product


Software Applications today are not subjective rather have become particular in their approach and target. Application platforms are focused on a particular group of people while developing their applications. This provokes the need of fierce testing for fierce users. The development lifecycle of any software is a multiple stage process and is bound to face some performance hiccups. Conventional testing methods are becoming more and more obsolete. Although some would say that these testing methods have been in use for a very long time and going nowhere in the near future. But as the need for better performing apps is increasing, these methods are not enough to handle such tasks. Application Performance Management Services are focused on improving this situation.

Evolution of Application Performance Management

The agile methodology, which was once used to develop software, is no longer limited to just that. Every process is now following the agile model. Developers, testers and system administrators need to work together in this agile way and in a streamlined manner. The aim should be to make the end-user happy and less exposed to performance bugs and dips.In the intense competition between companies for developing better applications, the competition has shifted to more sensible points. Features are almost the same in the rival apps, the thing which decides the winner and ultimately makes more progress is performance. Disruptions have to be removed to make a better product. That’s where APM or Application Performance Management comes in.

What is Application Performance Management?

APM is more a concept than a tool. It is required to optimize and monitor the performance of an application software. Conventionally, parsing access logs and measuring the performance of the software by checking the time taken by web requests is an old method. This is helpful in understanding that which pages or links are slow and decrementing the overall performance of the application. But it fails to explain why it is happening so. APM tools help to understand why a particular component is slow. Any eCommerce website development company would never want to create an app that reduces the user’s shopping experience as it will directly affect the sales of both the retail company and the development company.

What APM does?

APM software is really helpful in both the design and testing phase and thus can be used by developers and testers alike. They can do code-level troubleshooting, identify performance bottlenecks, test APIs and increase testing accuracy. These all features along with others help the testers, developers and ops team a better control over the product and make it possible to test the functioning of the app before it is launched. This will ensure lesser reliability issues in the app which would have caught them off guard later.

How can APM enhance the reach of your product?

APM is all about reaching the root cause of the problem. It is not possible to analyze data all at once or read logs to catch the error. What you need is a quicker and easier method that will help you in improving the performance and reliability of the app at early phases of SDLC. Here are some advantages or features of APM:

1.Code level performance evaluation

If some part or page is responding slowly or responding not in the manner it is supposed to be, a code-level analysis is required. Catching the request which is getting loose is easy, but knowing why it’s happening is quite difficult. Some APM tools make it easier for you to grasp the cause of such failures. APM can also help pick the dependencies that are affecting other processes.

2.Catching errors in an application

It is better to find and fix errors beforehand in development phase rather than in User Acceptance Test! It is not that facing errors in an application is bad. In fact, errors give us the initial performance insight of our product. Finding and fixing them in time will give a cleaner experience to your users and also make your customers stick to your product and not go elsewhere. APM tool offerscode level error notifications without degrading the performance of application.

3.Gauging performance of web requests and transactions

With some APM tools, you can easily measure the performance of all the web requests and transactions. This will give you a clear picture of which requests are up to the mark and which are slow, which ones are frequently accessed and which ones not. This will not only point out these records but also tell you why this is so. With APM tools, you can now connect a web request to database query. Thanks to APM tools!

More features are there which you can get by using APM and increase the performance and reach of your product. To implement an APM tool at your organization, you need an expert who can guide you on making a right decision and provide you with expertise needed to implement APM process. NYGCI team comes with several years of experience implementing APM tools. It is a one stop for IT professional services in New York who can help development and operation teams of all sizes.