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A Flexible ERP Solution For Your Organization
A Flexible ERP Solution For Your Organization

Enterprise Resource Planning has been around the industry for quite some time. In these many years, technology has evolved and so has ERP but maybe not at the same pace. Today, Enterprise Resource Planning is extensively used in companies but the form in which it is used may not be one which can fulfill the dynamic requirements of the field. There are some features which should be present in an ERP software solution to carry out the needed tasks. Almost every ERP software is able to do it quite well. But things get troublesome when it comes to more specific and complicated tasks.

Today, several ERP software solutions can be found in the industry. Many of them are brilliant but have almost the same features and functionalities. What they lack is the flexibility, security and agility they must have to provide a customized software solution to the client as well as to stand out among other software available in the market. So how can you get the benefits for your business when these ERP solutions are not performing well and aren’t evolving with the requirements? The answer is a flexible ERP solution. It may sound like a new thing but it was introduced a long time ago but was not quite in the use. Still, it is not very much popular but due to the prevalence of new technologies like cloud computing and artificial intelligence, new possibilities have been unlocked. In this blog, you will learn about the problems of conventional ERP, the features of flexible ERP software and how you can benefit from it.

Moving From Legacy ERP Software To Flexible ERP

With its introduction in the 90s, ERP has evolved a lot. It is now grown into more of a platform rather than being just a software or an application. And now with powerful technologies like machine learning and AI, it is becoming more and more advanced. A modern, flexible ERP application can save you a lot of time and money. But this has been only made possible with the latest advancements. A range of advanced ERP applications is being developed and released into the market by ERP services providers. The legacy ERP applications were not able to do all of this so well. They had their limitations.

The Problems With Conventional ERP Software

For any business, the most important objective is to make the most out of the human and non-human resources to give the best to its clients and customers. But it is not as straightforward as it sounds especially with the conventional ERP solutions. First, you have to forward your requirements to the IT department, wait for the acknowledgment, meet and discuss solutions with the technical team and then, at last, arrive at a solution which could be implemented. This cycle happens every time a requirement springs up. While this may engage your team and it would seem like routine work, but it is simply wastage of time. A flexible ERP system can handle the automated tasks and code changes so that time isn’t wasted on work that doesn’t need to be done this way.

The business users are frustrated with making requests for every requirement to the IT and the developers are overburdened with requests and are exhausted which they couldn’t keep up with. As a result, deadlines are extended, work suffers and business professionals seek out to other tools and applications to meet their needs which may result in a huge blunder risking the company’s budget as well as security. Priorities get shifted in every department and the whole workflow arrives at a nightmarish end. At this point, you can forget about growth, even saving becomes difficult.

Characteristics Of Flexible ERP System

Now, to save your time, money and a lot of valuable energy being wasted away, flexible ERP comes to your rescue. Cloud computing has an important role in improving every existing technology and increases its ease of use as well as productivity. A flexible ERP platform configuration coming with a common data service can enable business users to customize an ERP solution for themselves as per their needs. The risk of system damage is also less along with lesser prerequisite of programming knowledge. The cloud enabled ERP apps allow the users to create business apps with minimum programming knowledge and connect them back to Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and other third-party applications. This helps the business users to solve their ERP requirements by themselves and makes room for the developers to focus on other important projects.

Benefits Of Flexible ERP

Flexible ERP solutions while making it easy for business users to meet their ERP needs don’t keep the developers out of the scene. Not everything can be attributed and implemented with easy ERP software. The developers have to code certain things. But it is much easier for the developers too as compared to the traditional ERP. Also, the powerful tools allow making stronger and more secure applications. Flexible ERP gives more time to the developers to cater to the needs of the business users and also makes it easy to adapt to changes quickly as and when needed. In this way, you save your resources and can promise a quicker, more reliable delivery to your customers.


ERP programming abilities are developing, and with this development comes considerable time and money savings for you, your business clients, and developers. This is the ideal opportunity to move up to a more adaptable ERP framework, and NYGCI will make the procedure snappy and easy while instructing you on the best way to take advantage of the product for your particular business. NYGCI’s IT professional services New York make it easier to do business, simplifying processes and reducing risks. We help organizations get the best output with the latest technologies to manage projects of any scale and complexity. In this way, we help them achieve great things in their business. Get in touch with us to know how we can help you improve your business processes efficiently.

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