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Disaster Recovery is Important For Businesses
Disaster Recovery is Important For Businesses

A disaster recovery plan is very important to make sure you don’t get fired after something catches on fire. Disaster Recovery (DR) can save your job if you are a husband (for losing the wedding video) or a network administrator (for losing financial information). DR does not have to be complicated. You really just need to cover the basics so that you can get your network or computer.

1. Backups!

Most of us think about backups after something bad has already happened. There are many ways to back up files. Two of the main ways is to use a cloud services provider or back files up on an external appliance. No matter the method you are choosing, make sure you keep a regular backup schedule. An individual should back up files at least once weekly. A business or enterprise should be backing up files each day/night in increments. Also, one should create a backup of their backup and keep those in an offsite fireproof safe or deposit box.

2. Keep Critical Information

You will also want to keep important information that is not in your backup files. Items like make, model, and warranty information of your hardware. Keep critical credential information stored as well (passwords, routers, admin accounts, system BIOS). Also, make sure that you have kept your network settings in a safe place to recover (IP addresses, firewall rules, server names, domain information)

3. Plan for Downtime

So, what do you do if the downtime is more than a few days. Depending on your business, a few days could be critical to staying afloat. One needs to plan on where to house their server/s, computers, and files if their facilities are not available for an extended period of time. Ask questions like: How much downtime is tolerable? Which systems take priority to restore first, second, etc.? What is our budget for disaster recovery?

Please keep these points in mind as you plan for disaster. DR is important for businesses. NYGCI are available 24×7 to help with your backup and restore planning to facilitate your DR plans. Please contact us so that we can be of assistance.

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