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How Are DevOps and AWS Related to Each Other?
Relation Between DevOps and AWS

Technology is continuously evolving. The time it took you to read this sentence, a new technology has been born at somewhere in this world. In fact, the concept of Science &Technology is “change”. There has to be something new with every moment. That is how we can survive and leave something behind us for our future generations to work upon. The computer science industry I believe is the front runner of the technology world. Because, whatever innovations are generated by the computer and programming experts, are introduced and implemented in every other sector.

The IT professional services aim to innovate at both the theoretical and practical aspects of software. Software Engineering is the theoretical component of this field that defines and regulate the rules and manner of working with software. The methodologies also keep evolving with time. The conventional method of development used to follow the “Waterfall Model” but has since been made obsolete with the changed scenario as seen no longer fit to fulfill the current needs. Thus been replaced by “Agile Methodology”. In a similar manner, the practices and tools also get changed with changing needs in the development part. In the recent new methodologies, the name of DevOps comes into the scene.

Beginning of a New Approach With DevOps and AWS

DevOps refers to the combined package of cultural philosophies, tools and practices which when implemented in the organization, make the development and delivery of products and services faster and better. DevOps aims to enhance the organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at a better pace than the conventional development and infrastructure management processes. The speed thus achieved helps the organization to contend more efficiently with the rivals in the market and serve the customers better. There are several tools that help to effectively achieve DevOps culture in an organization by making the implementation of such principles easier. NYGCI is one of the most trusted DevOps service providers you can find in the field.

Now where does AWS come into this scene? AWS is a comprehensive, evolving cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. AWS, as we all know, is the acronym for the cloud-tech giant Amazon Web Services It provides a mix of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and packaged software as a service (SaaS) offerings. The AWS offers its wide range of services in the IT field including computing, storage, data management, networking, security, development tools and application services.

Relation Between DevOps and AWS

Relation Between DevOps and AWS

There is a much more evident connection between AWS and DevOps. The introductions of AWS and DevOps into the technological world took place almost at the same time (DevOps came a few years later than AWS). Since then, both of them has fueled each other for their expansion and growth. AWS has rolled out many services on its platform that are DevOps friendly and have encouraged the DevOps culture. On the other hand, DevOps tools released for the industries are compatible with the cloud platform and hence facilitating the growth of AWS. This is the reason why several IT companies looking for engineers having the knowledge of DevOps also ask if they are aware of the cloud computing services which also includes AWS.

DevOps instructs to take into consideration the importance of release time. It says that to reduce the risk of failure of a product or service, the release time should be reduced. Continuous development and frequent release events lower risk significantly. With the growth of Cloud Computing, AWS also grew and so did DevOps.

NYGCI offers a wide range of services in the IT arena including DevOps Services, Cloud Services, Outsourcing Service Management and much more.

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